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Tamiya Radio Control

When it comes right down to it, Tamiya's main goal is to offer the world the most rewarding modeling experience possible. Grasping the various parts, assembling, and finally painting a finely crafted model is truly a special and rare experience in today's modern world. Tamiya feels that this hands-on experience is invaluable. So whether it's our careful attention to quality, or our commitment to ease-of-assembly, we are always striving to create truly fulfilling ways to spend one's time.

At The Model Basement we stock all the latest RC kits from Tamiya.  everything else you need to get you kit up and running including radio gear, servos, batteries, chargers and paint.

If you need any advise on which kit is right for you, feel free to give us a call.

We are very competitive on price and will give you the cheapest price in the UK. Contact us for prices and availability. 


New Releases


Lunch Box Mini


This is a compact, maneuverable, and above all super-fun addition to the world of Tamiya wheelie models! It's a familiar face, too, as the legendary Tamiya Lunch Box has been shrunk down to 1/24 scale.

The classic shrunken Lunch Box body sits on top of the 4WD SW-01 chassis. It is capable of 4-wheel steering using separately sold Upper Arm Connectors that not only allows you to steer with all four wheels on the ground, but it also allows the vehicle to steer while doing wheelies!


Monster Beetle



This re-release version of the Monster Beetle assembly kit features a number of updates while keeping the basic layout of the original off-road car released in 1986. It features a realistic customized Beetle body depicted in tough polystyrene resin, with metal-plated parts supplied in the kit to add the finishing touch for handles and headlight frames. A resin driver figure is the icing on top of the cake!


Subaru Brat Blue Version


This is a special blue edition of the classic Tamiya Subaru Brat. The full-size Subaru Brat was made solely for export and achieved tremendous popularity in the U.S. market in the 1970s. Tamiya first produced an R/C version of this popular little truck back in 1983. The current version is an updated, improved re-release of the classic R/C truck. Aside from the upgraded internal parts, this assembly kit comes with a driver figure for a nostalgic feel. In addition, both a super-detailed ABS body for shelf display and a lightweight durable polycarbonate body for racing are included.

Audi A4 Quattro Touring

This Tamiya R/C car recreates a classic Audi A4 Quattro Touring car as it raced in 1997. In the late 1990s, manufacturer-backed teams would come to dominate touring car series around the world. One of the most pre-eminent was Audi, which spared no expense in its pursuit of the top of the podium. Using its base A4 quattro as a platform, Audi developed the car significantly and turned it into a race winner. In addition, Audi sought the best drivers from around the world in order to do their creation justice.


Volkswagen Type 2 Kit

This TAMIYA R/C model assembly kit depicts the 1st-generation (T1) variant of the Volkswagen Type 2 van, which was introduced in 1950 and also known as the Volkswagen Bus to many of its legions of fans. Production of the actual van continued through until 1967.

The iconic R/C body replica is paired with the rear-wheel drive M-06 chassis for realistic fun driving just like the real RR Type 2 T1. Compared to the Full-Kit version (item 58668), this kit comes with a pre-painted body to make the body assembly process less intimidating to new kit building enthusiasts.



Popular Models


We have a large selection of the favourite Tamiya RC kits in stock. The Lunch Box, Hornet, Midnight Pumpkin, Beetle Rally just to name a few. Pop down to our store to see our range of kits.





Running Gear


Carson Reflex Starter Set for Tamiya RC Kits


The perfect kit to get your Tamiya RC model up an running. This kit has everything you need to complete your model build including radio gear, battery, charger and steering servo. 

Contains: 2 channel Refelx Stick 3.1 Pro Radio Set, 2100mah NiMh Battery, UK 9V battery charger, CS-3 Steering Servo (3kg/cm force)


Paints, Primers and Glues


We carry the full range of PS and TS paints to finish off your build.

If you are looking for a particular colour, get in touch to check price and availability.