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Steering Servos


We keep a large number of steering servos in stock.

We only deal with reputable brands, to ensure we only sell reliable, long lasting servos.


Alturn USA have a reputation for their quality servos.

We stock a wide range of their most popular servos. Call us or email for prices and availability.


Savox is a professional and enthusiastic manufacturer of model key components. Specializing in Servo, Brushless Motor, Gyro, and Electronic Speed Controls. Their range of servos quickly became hugely popular on a worldwide stage and they continue to push the boundaries of servo manufacturing and design.

At The Model Basement we are an official Savox dealer. If you would like to order a SAVOX servo, or find out which one is right for you car, feel free to get in touch. 


Etronix RC are a sub-division of CML Distribution, specializing in electrical equipment for radio control enthusiasts. Etronix's range undergoes the same strict testing regime that CML uses for dealing with external manufacturers, ensuring only the best products are made avaialble under the Etronix name.

At The Model Basement we keep many Etronix servos in stock, as well as servo testers.