Returns Policy





If you have a problem with your product please get in touch first to speak to one of our team.

Please send all returns to

The Model Basement
21 Station Road 
S26 6QP 


All our RC cars, planes, boats, drones and accessories come with a 12 month guarantee.


RC products must be used for their intended purpose, and operated following the manufactures guidelines as provided in your product manual. Any RC product that is mistreated or not used for its intended purpose is not covered under warranty.


Due to the nature of RC products all warranty claims are subject to investigation before any action is taken. If you have a problem with your car please get in touch with us first, and one of our engineers will look at your RC product. For online sales please ensure your item is packaged adequately so the product is not damaged in transit.

We try and rectify all problems in store, but sometimes your item may have to go back to the manufacturer for further investigation. We aim to complete all claims and repairs within 7 days. This is subject to the availability of parts so may take longer.


If the RC product is found to be damaged by user error, or crash damaged, the car is not covered under warranty. For online sales there will be a postage charge to pay if the car is returned back to you.


We will not exchange or refund any RC car, plane, boat or drone without fully testing the product first.


For batteries and safety please read the safety sheet included with your product. As a general rule please see our tips below


  • Never leave a battery on charge longer than the recommended time

  • Never leave the battery connected to the car when not in use as this can completely flatten the battery, damaging the cells, and the battery will no longer work

  • Never run the battery complete flat, always leave a storage charge in it.

  • If a LiPo battery begins to swell do not use it or charge it as it is a fire risk.