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Batteries and Chargers

Batteries and Chargers


We keep a large range of NiMH and Lipo  batteries and chargers in stock.

If you are looking for a particular battery, or you are unsure what battery to use in your RC car, feel free to get in touch.

We only stock batteries and chargers from reputable brands, to ensure we only sell high quality safe batteries.

We are very competitive on price and we won't be beaten. Contact us for prices and availability. 


Overlander's fine reputation for quality battery assembly began in 1975 when we started manufacturing packs for electric radio cars. Whilst battery technology and the range of cells and packs has moved on with time, our commitment to meet the needs of industry, commerce and UK Radio Control Modellers has remained constant.

At The Model Basement we are an official Overlander dealer. we mainly stock the Overlander Sport Track 2S and 3S lipos, but we can order any battery from Overlander. Please call us for prices and availability. 

Sport Track Lipo Batteries



All of our Overlander Sport Track Lipoly batteries have a hard case for better suitability for RC cars and buggies. The hard shell provides extra protection for the battery, allowing the RC car to be driven to its extremes whilst maintaining solid power.

Available in many capacities, with deans or EC5 connectors.

2S 7.4v and 3S 11.1v available. 


Voltz RC is a sub-division of CML Distribution. Under this label, CML import high quality batteries and accessories for RC pilots. All Voltz products undergo the rigorous CML testing process to ensure only the best products are brought to market.


Voltz NiMH Stick Pack 7.2v Batteries with Tamiya Connector


High quality stick packs, designed for maximum performance at minimum cost.

Fully assembled six cell stick pack, giving a full 7.2 volts of power.

High quality 12AWG silicone cables fitted with Tamiya style connector.

High capacity for use in all radio controlled cars using sub C 7.2v stick packs.

Available in 1800mAh, 2400mAh, 3000mAh , 4600mAh, 5300mAh.


Voltz Hard Pack Lipo Batteries with Deans Connector

New from Voltz is this hard case car pack that is sure to be popular for everyday RTR fans and club racers.

Available in 2S and 3S, with capacities ranging from 2500mA, 5000mAh.

Etronix Chargers

We stock a range of NiMh and Lipo Etronix chargers.

We have everything from simple trickle chargers, to fast chargers that will charge most lipos in under an hour!

Call us for more details on which charger is suitable for your battery.