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Ares Quantum FPV Quadcopter

Ares Quantum FPV Quadcopter£99.99   £89.99

A ready to fly quadcopter with built-in HD camera, transmitter controlled video and still image recording and a true FPV capability using the transmitter’s integral monitor

Ares XView With VR Headsett

Ares XView With VR Headsett£69.99   £59.00

Until now, First Person View (FPV) flying has been an experience we’ve had to pay a high price to enjoy. Not anymore. Featuring a high-quality WiFi camera that relays live-view video footage to your own smartphone

Ares Ethos QX130 RTF Quadcopter

Ares Ethos QX130 RTF Quadcopter£52.00

If you are ready to multiply your quadcopter fun, the Ares [air-eez] Ethos QX 130 is the quad for you. Youll enjoy flying the QX 130 because its equipped with an advanced 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer control system

Ares Shadow 240 RTF Quadcopter

Ares Shadow 240 RTF Quadcopter£49.99   £34.99

The Ares Shadow 240 is a feature-packed mini quadcopter thats ideal for both the absolute beginner and the experienced pilot. The advanced 6-axis stabilization system provides agile flight and maximum stability out of the box, and when you add Ares exclusive software package to the mix, both first time and experienced pilots will enjoy that dialled in feel in flight.


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